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Dog Parties, Made Easy

The Original Dog Birthday Supply Company

Stop piecing together party supplies made for people with two feet. Easily host more memorable dog parties with our all-inclusive party packages. Packaged & discounted for facilities to host several parties every month.

Dog Party Decor Kits

There is no shortage of dog supplies available to us loving owners. The industry has thought of nearly everything from clothes to dog spas. But, there is one thing that has been overlooked. 


Until now, dog party supplies have merely been human party supplies masquerading as “made for dogs”. Our dog party packages are changing that for good. 


You could shop multiple places, pay multiple shipping fees, and scour the internet and party city hoping to keep a consistent theme, or you could purchase the first-ever full-blown dog party kit.

The Full Party Package

All of our packages come with everything you need to create a memorable party for your dog and six of their pals. You’ll receive: 

  • Themed backdrop for photos

  • Gift bags including a bandana, birthday hat, and toy

  • Greeting cards

  • Party invitations

We Know How to Party

Although we are the first-ever dog party company of its kind, we’re not puppies in the industry. For years, our owner has worked in and managed dog daycares and pet spas. Doing so has given us a unique window into the growing dog party industry and, thus, allowed us to solve a problem that we have personally dealt with for too long… trying to make human party supplies work for non-human parties. Now, we help pet care businesses and dog owners alike bring a unique and fun experience to their fur babies.

Our Packages

How Our Packages Work

It’s easier than ever to make the day special for your dog, their furry friends, and their humans too. 


Step 1 - Shop our themed dog party packages 

Step 2 - Send out the included invites 

Step 3 - Enjoy your dog's party!

Finally, Dog Party Supplies

Dogs have their own clothes, beds, toys, food, bowls, carriers, furniture, self-care, and an endless number of other products but not their own party supplies? Strange right? Why are we still trying to fit human party hats on our dog's fluffy heads? Why are we piecing together party supplies from three different stores just to sort of get what we want? 

Our dog party packages make throwing your dog the perfect party easy and affordable. It’s hassle-free, majorly cute, and, most importantly, made for your dog. See why our customers (and their dogs) love our party packages. 

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Our Parties In Action

Say, Speak.

Looking for something more custom, or have a question about what we do? Great, we’d love to talk with you! Fill out the form above, and a team member will respond like a well-trained Golden.   

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