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Dog Party Supplies for Pet Care Facilities

Don’t piece together human party supplies to host a makeshift dog party. Choose the only dog party supply company catering to pet care facilities and give your clients something to talk about.   

More Than Just a Party

When you purchase a dog party supply kit from us really what you’re purchasing is an added revenue stream and client retention for your business. Today, pets are a bigger part of the family than they’ve ever been and their owners are seeking out ways to make them feel like it. Dog parties are one of the ways owners are doing just that. We provide the only themed party supply kits made specifically for dogs & pet care facilities. The alternative is either missing out on a service your clients want or asking your staff to scour the internet to try to piece together enough supplies to make a cohesive theme. We’ve tried that, it’s not fun nor is it worth it. That’s why we started Dog Party Co. Learn from our mistakes and give your clients something they’ll talk about with our party packages. 

Our Birthday Party Packages

One-of-a-kind Party Kits

Our party packages include everything you need to host five parties that your clients are sure to love.

All of our packages include:

  • 1 - 4'x6' photo shoot backdrop to use for all the parties

  • 5 - gift bags for the dogs to take home that include tissue paper & a gift tag. Each gift bag contains a birthday bandana, birthday hat and a toy

  • 5 - Happy Birthday greeting cards for your staff to sign & envelopes

  • 30 - Party invitations & envelopes for you to invite 6 furry friends to each of the 5 birthday parties 

Who We Serve

Our packages are uniquely crafted to perfectly fit any pet care facility that wants to host multiple parties for their clients. Some of our clients include dog daycares, dog lodging facilities, veterinarians, and dog groomers. 

Bring this to Your Business in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Shop our themed party packages 

Step 2 - Send out the included invites on behalf of your client

Step 3 - Enjoy the party!

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Say, Speak.

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