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Asked Questions

We realize you may have questions about us because we are the only ones offering this! Read on and if you still have questions, reach out to us! We're here for you.

Questions we get from Facilities

What's included in the party packs?

Answer: We've given you everything you need to host 5 separate birthday parties for 5 different dogs. You reuse the backdrop for all the parties. For each birthday party you send out 6 invitations and invite the birthday dog's besties. You take the dogs photo in front of the backdrop with them wearing the bandana & hat. You package all the items in the gift bag and label the tag. Have your staff sign the birthday card, wishing the birthday dog all the best, and include that in the bag. Send the bag home with the birthday dog as a gift from your facility.

Are the bags for each guest?

Answer: No. The bag is only meant for the birthday dog as a gift from your facility. They are not meant to be goodie bags for each guest of the party.

What if you don't want invitations?

Answer: We offer a party pack without invitations for those facilities that have set playgroups and all the dogs would be part of the party. Just look for the party title w/o Invitations, it is $5 cheaper.

Why do we get 30 invitations?

Answer: 6 invitations are meant to be sent out for each party. 

How big is the backdrop?

Answer: The backdrop is 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall

What happens when I'm done the 5 parties?

Answer: You can order refill packs after you consume the 5 parties that came in the starter pack. You will need to order 5 or more parties but you keep using the same backdrop.

How much does 1 party cost?

Answer: Each consumable gift bag costs $38.99. The starter party package is more because it includes the reusable backdrop. But, when you need to reorder parties, each will cost you $38.99.

Can I order just the backdrop?

Answer: If you have ordered a starter package from us and need to replace yours because it has gotten ruined, you are able to purchase just the backdrop from us. Otherwise, we are not offering just the backdrop at this time.

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