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St. Patrick's Day Frozen Treats for Dogs

As St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, it’s not just us humans who get to indulge in all things green and festive. Our furry friends deserve a little luck of the Irish too! This year, why not treat your canine companion to a special homemade frozen delight? These St. Patrick's Day Frozen Treats for Dogs are not only delicious but also packed with wholesome ingredients to keep your pup feeling their best.


  • organic coconut milk

  • banana

  • fresh parsley

  • frozen spinach

  • organic honey

Let's get started by gathering all our ingredients. For the sweet version, we'll need organic coconut milk, a ripe banana, fresh parsley, frozen spinach, and organic honey. If you're opting for the savory variation, grab some reduced or no-sodium chicken broth, fresh parsley, and frozen spinach.

Once everything's set, it's time to blend! In a blender, combine the ingredients for your chosen variation. For the sweet version, toss in the coconut milk, banana, parsley, spinach, and honey. If you're making the savory treats, swap out the coconut milk for chicken broth and blend away until smooth and creamy.

With our mixture all blended up, it's time to pour it into silicone molds. These molds make for perfect paw-sized treats for your pup. Plus, they're easy to clean and reuse for future batches of goodies.

Pop those filled molds into the freezer and let them chill until they're completely frozen. This usually takes a few hours, so it's the perfect opportunity to catch up on some St. Patrick's Day festivities or sneak in a few cuddles with your furry friend.

Once the treats are frozen solid, it's time for the grand unveiling! Pop them out of the molds and arrange them on a plate for a festive presentation. Whether you're serving up the sweet or savory variation, your pup is sure to be drooling with anticipation.

I use a small container to fill the silicone molds. It makes it easier to get closer to them and I spill less!

Why These Treats Are Paw-some:

  1. Coconut Milk: A dairy-free alternative that’s gentle on your pup’s stomach and provides healthy fats for a shiny coat.

  2. Banana: Packed with potassium and vitamins, bananas add natural sweetness and creaminess to the treats.

  3. Parsley: Not just for garnish, parsley freshens breath and provides a boost of antioxidants.

  4. Spinach: A green powerhouse, spinach is loaded with vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s overall health.

  5. Organic Honey: Adds a touch of sweetness while providing antimicrobial properties and soothing benefits for the digestive system.

Tips for Serving:

  • Supervision: Always supervise your dog when enjoying frozen treats, especially if they're prone to gobbling them up quickly.

  • Occasional Snack: These treats are best served as an occasional snack or as a refreshing treat on a warm day. Remember, moderation is key!

  • Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: If your pup has any dietary restrictions or allergies, be sure to consult with your veterinarian before introducing new ingredients.

Why These Treats Are Paw-some:

  1. Nutritious Ingredients: From fresh parsley to frozen spinach, these treats are packed with vitamins and minerals to support your dog's overall health.

  2. Tail-Wagging Flavor: Whether your pup prefers sweet or savory, these treats offer a delicious taste of St. Patrick's Day without any artificial flavors or additives.

  3. Easy to Make: With just a few simple ingredients and some freezer time, you can whip up a batch of these treats in no time. Plus, they're a fun way to get the whole family involved in celebrating the holiday.

This St. Patrick's Day, treat your furry friend to something extra special with our homemade frozen treats. Whether you opt for the sweet version or the savory variation, these treats are sure to have your pup feeling lucky all day long. So raise a paw to St. Patrick and celebrate with your favorite canine companion!


For a Sweet Version:

  • 1 cup organic coconut milk

  • 1/2 banana

  • 1/2 cup fresh parsley

  • 1/2 cup frozen spinach

  • 1 teaspoon organic honey

For a Savory Variation:

  • 1 cup reduced or no-sodium chicken broth

  • 1/2 cup fresh parsley

  • 1/2 cup frozen spinach


  1. Start by gathering all your ingredients. It’s essential to use fresh and organic ingredients to ensure the best quality for your pup.

  2. In a blender, combine the organic coconut milk, banana, fresh parsley, frozen spinach, and organic honey. Blend until smooth and creamy.

  3. Once blended, pour the mixture into ice cube trays or silicone molds. This recipe makes the perfect size treats for your pup.

  4. Place the trays or molds in the freezer and let them set for a few hours or until completely frozen.

  5. Once frozen, pop out the treats from the molds and store them in an airtight container in the freezer until ready to serve.

Say "Hi" to your dog for me! I hope they love these!

❤️ Cyndi

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